Bobcat Breeze

Edison Academy of Differentiated Learning

Volume 3: April 2020

Grading - Final Report Card

Dear Edison Families,

As we continue to experience the COVID-19 pandemic’s wide-ranging effects on our school community, our teachers’ support to students can look very different, even between students in the same class. Due to the inequity brought about by our students’ varied levels of access to both online and offline resources and challenges they may be facing at home, we are changing our report cards and associated grading policy for the end of this year. Your child’s final report card will not include a letter or numeric grade. Instead, your child’s teacher will provide comments that describe your child’s academic progress and engagement in distance learning. This change in report cards is in line with the California Department of Education’s guidelines of ensuring grading is not punitive toward students whose ability to engage in distance learning may be adversely affected due to the on-going pandemic.

For both students continuing in our district and those heading to Chaffey Joint Union High School District in August, next year’s placement will not be based on the May 2020 report card grade so the change to the final report card will not negatively impact your child.

Teachers may still be providing grades for assignments or assessments that your child completes as a way to measure and share progress. These grades may be incorporated into the comments provided on the end of year report card. Please continue to support your child at home and maintain contact with his or her teachers so your child can continue to be engaged in learning.

Please contact me via email at if you have any questions about the change to our report cards.

Take care, and remember, we're in this together.


Mr. Lopez