Poverty In the U.S.

The Reality

Some statistics

  • Between 2009 and 2011 31.6% lived in poverty for at least 2 months. The median length of time they lived below the poverty line was about 6 months. This is a considerable increase from the 27.1% that lived below poverty from 2005 and 2007. The median during that time was also only around 5 months.
  • Continuing down the line we see that the annual poverty threshold was $11,720 for one person during 2012. For a family of four (including 2 children) it was $23,283.
  • Looking now at 2014, the poverty threshold for one person is $11,670 and for a family of four (incuding 2 children) is $23,850.

What feeds Poverty?

A true problem that seems to be one big source of poverty is the accessibility to education beyond highschool. This is the way to a permenant, more stable, high paying job.

Why is this happening?

One reason this seems to be consistantly happening is that there is a trend and or odd desire for a lower skilled, low paying job. This is because more permenant, high paying jobs are going to the very best of the best. For instance people who went through highschool and college successfully.

Another reason is because it's difficult to make money when you have little to none to start with. For example a single adult who was working a part time job as a waiter/waitress and was making $5.00 an hour plus tip was trying to get into college, how would they? If they are unaware of how much they will work a week how are they suppose to be able to pay for college, or even rent for an apartment?

The reality is that people are asking themselves these questions everyday.