Derek Jeter

By: Barbara Sheen

Growing Up

When Derek Jeter was growing up he played baseball and basketball. Derek played basketball mainly to stay in shape for baseball. It wasn't easy for Derek to get on the basketball team. he didn't have natural talent for basketball like he did for baseball. In fact Derek's coach didn't pick him for his talent. He chose him for something better. For Derek's determination and hard working attitude. Derek knew he was very good at basketball so, what he did was practice, practice' and practice some more. Derek's family was extremely strict about about Derek's grades so, they made a contract and they all had to sign it. This contract covered things like grades, curfew, and many other important things, If Derek ever broke this contract his parents would take him out of all sports and keep him at home. Even though this might seem harsh It was worth it in the long run.
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Derek Jeter playing basketball for Kalamazoo Central as a kid.

Hard working

Derek Jeter is one of the hardest working people you could ever know. Even though baseball came naturally to him he still practiced day and night. During baseball season Derek would go to practice every day. At night Derek and his family go to an empty baseball diamond throw a ball around or practice batting.
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