Remarkable Robotics

Bogan STEM - Trimester 1 - Week 2

Describe STEM in one word.

Amazing. Anna, Grade 5

Awesome. Owen, Grade 5

Challenging. Jonathan, Grade 5

Exciting. Caleb, Grade 5

Informational. Jacob, Grade 5

Science. Jacob, Grade 5

Engineering. Ryland, Grade 5

Ozobot Robotics

The Ozobot Robot is a robot that uses color sensors and codes to maneuver on an iPad or on paper. Students used markers to create lines and codes to communicate with the Ozobot. They practiced maze challenges using their critical thinking and reasoning skills to determine which codes would complete the maze.

What is one life skill you have learned through STEM?

I learned that you shouldn’t give up if you don’t get things right the first time you should always keep trying. That’s called persistence and perseverance.

-Halen Grade 5

Communication is important because if you can’t communicate with other people or even robots you won’t be able to get through life and work with other people in jobs.

-Ryland Grade 5

I’ve learned that you should never give up no matter what challenge you face.

-Jacob, Grade 5

"I’ve learned that you should never give up no matter what challenge you face." -Jacob F.

Ollie Robotics

You may have seen Ollie zooming down the hallway at speeds up to 14mph. This robot can be controlled by an iPad in a remote control way or using codes. By communicating with Ollie, he can complete tricks and travel on designated paths, or just drive freely.