The Circulatory System

By: Emily

The Circulatory Systems Main Function

The Circulatory Systems main function is to transport materials (Nutrients, Water, and Oxygen) throughout the body and carry away wastes. (Carbon Dioxcide)

Parts of the Circulatory System

Heart-Pumps blood throughout the body.

Blood-Transported to different parts of the body.

Red and White blood cells-Fights infection and carries oxygen and carbon dioxcide.

Platlets-Helps stop bleeding.

Plasma-Liquid blood.

Veins-Carry blood to the heart.

Arteries-Carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart.

Capillaries-Connect arteries to veins.

Other Systems that Affect the Circulatory System

The Respritory System-Gets oxygen from the Circulatory System and realeses Carbon Dioxcide when it gets the oxygen into the Circulatory System.

Systems the Circulatory System Affects

The Circulatory System-Carries and realeses oxygen into the Respritory System and realeses Carbon Dioxcide into the air.

Diseases/Illnesses in the Circulatory System

Some illnesses/diseases in the Circulatory System are- Heart Disease, Heart Attacks, Loss of oxygen, and Athsma.

Effects of the Enviroment on the Circulatory System

When you breath in the Circulatory System takes in oxygen and delivers it to all of your cells.

Three Fun Facts About the Circulatory System

Did you know that... one drop of blood contains half a drop of Plasma.

Did you know that... the Circulatory System contains 250 Platelets.

Did you know that... the Circulatory System contains 10,000 White blood cells

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