2nd Grade News

November 2013 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

November 18-22 American Education Week

November 19th Turkey Trot

November 25th Cougar Club

November 25-27 First Quarter Parent Conferences

November 28-29 Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Second Grade News


Second graders are well on their way to having a successful school year. You should be seeing math homework coming home nightly, Words Their Way homework assignments choices and we are encouraging students read 15 minutes each night. Please make sure you are checking homework folders and planners every weekday. Thank you for your help in keeping your second graders on the right track.

Words Their Way

Each night students are to choose one activity to complete in their journal from the choice board. Students may choose to play games on spellingcity.com and in each student’s journal is the link to spelllingcity.com to access the site, their sort and games for their sort.

Quarterly Objectives

This quarter we will cover the following units of study. Please continue to visit the wikispaces for information and support for the Common Core Curriculum and the CES website for the Common Core Parent night power point presentation.


Writing-Personal Friendly Letters and Write about Reading

Reading-Main Idea/Summary/Comprehension skills

Math-Number Sense and Operations (Base 10)/Operations and Algebraic Thinking/Measurement and Data/Geometry

Social Studies-Let’s Go Shopping

Science-Space Science/Earth’s Moon


Check out the Elementary Language Arts Parents Support Site


Coming Attractions….

During the month of November teachers will be having conferences with parents and students will have their November Cougar Club. This months Cougar Club will be board game day. Please send in a board game for your child to play with their classmates on November 25th to celebrate their Cougar ROAR efforts!

The Second Grade Team

Heather Everhart, Team Leader - heather_everhart@hcpss.org
Liza Dubovsky, Teacher - liza_dubovsky@hcpss.org
Cheri Milrad, Teacher - cheri_milrad@hcpss.org
Marci Stone, Teacher - marcia_stone@hcpss.org
Kathy Watson, Para Professional - kathleen_watson@hcpss.org