Meet The STAR!

Emily Delles!

New Words to Say!

Hi Jane - our new collection launches this week. I'd love to get your girlfriends together for a style session! It's two hours of sipping and shopping with friends - no presentation and no pressure! Your girlfriends will love it...and so will you! I've attached the rewards ;) Let me know if what you think. I love a Sunday afternoon or Thursday evening! xoxo

All About Emily!

Emily Delles I LOVE to shine the light on you. From the minute I met you at Hoopla...I knew you were going to be a shining star. You have a quiet confidence and spark that is so awesome. You manage to work a full time career, be an awesome mom to two cute boys, a loving wife AND a STAR Stylist at Stella & Dot. With a Star on your first line - your leadership is on point! YOU are an Executive Director in the making! I know you are going to do BIG & BOLD things this year. You are so BRIGHT! xoxo - Tara

All About Emily!


I'm gifting Ever Skin Glow Body Oil. I love the light weight, fresh smell and the little shimmer it leaves on your skin! And I love the scent comes from pure essential oils, not chemical fragrances!


I am a full-time Elementary Special Education teacher in Colorado. My husband, Chris, and I have 2 boys - Holden (11) and Jackson (9). I joined Stella & Dot 1 year ago, just before my 40th birthday. I loved the jewelry, and at the time there was a special with a rebate offer on your starter kit. It felt important to do this for myself - my life was all about my kids and I had lost the part of me that loved to be social, get out and meet people, and just have a good time. So I went for it, and I am so glad I did!

I'm in the process of re-visiting my why. Ultimately, I just want the flexibility to make decisions about my life and work without my income being the deciding factor.

2016 GOAL:

My goal in 2016 is to become a Heart of Leadership Star in Q1, and focus on growing my team through personal sponsoring, and coaching my downline stylists to sponsor and qualify new stylists. Then I want to focus on promoting my team to Associate Director by Hoopla, and earning Glam Getaway. I'm going big in 2016!!


My top tip is to use the tools available to you. Do the Booking Blitzes, listen to the team calls, participate in team challenges. There are women who have paved the way for us and they know what WORKS! Why reinvent the wheel? Take advice from women who have been there and put your own personal spin on it!