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Resources for Culturally Sensitive Curriculum Development

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I am hopeful that this electronic resource will serve to document some of the the great resources already developed that might be used within your work. Edits on this online document can be made at any time which makes for efficient sharing of ideas and resources as I can make changes to it as it lives in the "cloud." Please note that any red headings are actually links to the content that was referenced in my other email to you. Simply click the red buttons/links to go directly to that content. Additionally, I have placed many embedded links within some of the text of this document. You will noticed these as they are underlined and in blue text. You can click on these items to go directly to supplemental resources on the covered topics. It is my hope that this entire document could serve as a form of professional development and assist you in developing this grant process for Wayzata students!

*** Please be sure not to miss the 2 professional development workshops the Perpich Center is collaboratively developing for teachers interested in this very content. Perhaps you can also leverage grant funding to attend these impactful sessions.

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Native Artists: Livelihoods, Resources, Space, Gifts

Use this link to view multiple native artists who you might consider for this work. It was an exhaustive document created about five years ago as a resource for letting people know more about the artwork of Dakota and Ojibwe people.

Native American Community Development Institute Videos

This links showcases several Minnesotan native artists describing their work. It might be another venue to check out when considering a teaching artist.

What it meant by "Contemporary Native Art"? A great dialogue in breaking stereotypes of Native American Artists:

Breaking stereotypes of Native American artists
Arts in Cultural Context and Respond Protocol Resources

This site houses 6 different subpages. The main focus for your work is in context, respond tools, and visual art subpages. Investigate these resources as preparation for future work in culturally relevant curriculum.

Critical Response with Laura Youngbird's Artwork (Ojibwe Artist and Art Educator at Circle of Nations School)

Want a direct link to the Critical Response Presentation that I referenced about Laura Youngbird's work? Then feel free to download your own copy in PDF, Apple Keynote, or Microsoft PowerPoint versions here. You can also check out a video done by Pioneer Public Television about her work and techniques in the video below.
"Beneath the Surface" Sessions with Edina Schools

This news article describes the learning that was facilitated by Qwen Westerman and Glenn Wasicuna within the Edina Public Schools.

Student & Artist Responses to "Beneath the Surface"

This resource validates the learning in the "Beneath the Surface" project with Edina Public Schools. Be sure to note the videos of both Gwen and Glenn responding, as well as that of the students sharing about what they learned first hand.

Videos from Laura, Gwen, Glenn and Student Participants

Laura Youngbird; Breckenridge, Minnesota
Fort Snelling Seminar
Fort Snelling Seminar part 2: Dakota Language

The Value of Starting with Critical Response BEFORE Making Art

Here is a clip that shows Alston, a student applying the use of Critical Response to the "chicken" painting at the Weisman Art Museum. If you view this clip you will see the transformative learning that happens when we build in inquiry-based learning strategies to culturally relevant curriculum and grant sessions. See the clip here. Additional information about how this work can be included within artful writing is located here. In regards to the MN Academic Standards related to this content, it does not require students to make art. It asks them to respond. Critical Response holds great value in allowing the space for students to more deeply investigate works art and has merit as a form of study PRIOR to any creating of art that might be connected to Dakota or Ojibwe culture.
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My GoogleSite Link: Arts Education Curriculum Resources

This site is the one that was referenced numerous times with content that could be useful for curriculum and assessment mapping and for examples or work from other districts. Great resources and models are available under "School Collaborations".

Jeremy Holien - State Visual & Media Arts Education Coordinator

Jeremy Holien serves as the Visual and Media Arts Education Coordinator for Minnesota’s Perpich Center for Arts Education, whose mission is to improve K–12 arts education for all Minnesota students and educators through innovative programs and partnerships centered in the arts. Mr. Holien works in professional and curriculum development, state standards implementation and assessment practices. He is responsible for statewide initiatives in visual and media arts education.