Sm-ore About The Ages

By Scout Sejkora

The Truth in Your Food

The truth of your meat. Do you really know what you're eating, if it's fresh, or whether it’s even sanitary? Read on if you have a good stomach, want to know what you are really eating, and also learn about the people who process your food and there working conditions.

Most of these people aren't even U.S. citizens, must come illegally across the U.S. Mexican border, and work for cheaper wages. The way they work is unspeakable. They work in crowded factories where they do backbreaking work with little or no brakes. After they are done they have to sleep in cramped living quarters with several other families. You would think that a place that packs your meat would be fresh, but you would be wrong. There is rats in these factories, some of them may fall into the meat grinding machines and get ground into all the other meat, and the factories to kill these rats they put rat poison out, when the rats eat it they could be getting that poison into your meat that you buy in stores. Sometimes even people fall into the machine you could be eating another human being.

Now that you have read all that how do you feel about these factories, do you really want to feed your kids this meat, do you believe this should be happening, what would you do if it was you or your family having to work in these conditions? What will you do to stop this?

From Alice Paul to the U.S. of today.

Date, 1920

This letter is to all Future Citizens of America. I hope all women are voting and not putting the work of there ancestors did to give them there suffrage to waist. I hope all women are sticking up for themselves, showing to the fullest extent what they are capable of, and that everyone is striving to be the best that they can be. I am shore there is still struggles for women to defeat and overcome, such as what they are expected to act like, or what job a women belongs in, but just remember to do whatever you want to do, and not letting anyone you can't.Be proud to be a women, for it does not make you a lesser being. I hope you keep the image of women as equal to men, but never above men, for both men and women are equals, neither more important than the other, but both as equals. Stay equal America.

Sincerely, Alice Paul

How YOU Can Help Win This war

As Americans we must do our part to help the solders of our grate county to win the war. You can do your part, by buying liberty bonds, planting liberty gardens, and Partaking in the week day challenges, such as heat-less Mondays.


Amelia Earhart's last flight

Amelia's flight started in Oklahoma. When she lost connection with the navigators she was over the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She never came back in contact with the navigation system, and when they went looking for her body and airplane could not be fond. There was trace of were she could have gone. There are lots of theories of what happen to hear, but nun of them can be confirmed.
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