Coral Reefs

The Disney Worlds of the Sea

Fishy Friends

Harmless Fish

There are many types of fish in coral reefs, these ones are harmless. Fish like Soap Fish, the Longnose Filefish, Cuttlefish and Fireworm are harmless. Clownfish are also harmless but live in anemones which sting, but clownfish are immune to it because of their thick skin. They also help clean it so the anemone is not as harmful to them.

Harmful Fish

These fish you should STAY AWAY from. Manta Rays can sting you and leave you bleeding depending on how bad it is. The Reef White Tip Shark and Nurse Shark are self explanatory. Another fish that can hurt you is the Lion Scorpion Fish, which has sharp, poisonous needles that can really hurt a human. One more harmful fish is the pufferfish which when it gulps down a bunch of water, it pushes out needles stuck to it's body.

Colorful Coral

There are many types of coral. One of the more common types of coral which you probably seen\held before is brain coral. Some other types of coral are yellow soft coral, flower soft coral, finger coral and many more!

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Soft Polyps vs Hard Polyps

Polyps are what makes coral reefs, coral reefs! Polyps make up the coral in reefs. But, there are differences between soft polyps and hard polyps. Soft polyps are soft (suggested by their name), but that doesn't completely mean that hard polyps aren't soft. Hard polyps have a hard outside that protects it´s soft inside. Soft polyps have about 1,800 known species, while hard polyps have about 650 known species. You don't see coral just floating around, they have to stick to the rocks! Hard polyps are held in place by their cup bases, while soft polyps are held by a sticky substance. Soft polyps are known for being colorful, while hard polyps are less colorful.

How Coral Reefs Form

You don't think that coral reefs have been the same sense the dawn of time. Do you? Of course not! The first full moon of spring is when all the polyps release their eggs. They either stay in that coral reef, or go with the current. Over time, they start moving on their own, and stick to a rock with other soon to be polyps. They grow to be polyps and wait till next spring to produce more eggs.

No Coral for Sale!

Coral Reefs are very beautiful. Some might say they are the Disney Worlds of the sea. But unfortunately, people have been littering and taking from coral reefs! If you take live pieces of coral from a coral reef, you are killing it as well as disrupting the coral reefs ecosystem. Also, the litter people are leaving in coral reefs are killing the creatures. Luckily, people are helping out. People put out signs saying not to touch the coral reef, and are also keeping a close eye on people near the reef. People are also picking up trash and putting it in the trash can where it belongs.

Sunscreen + Coral Reefs = No Reefs

Do you like going to the beach? Almost everyone does, and even then people are forced to go. As the beach is usually hot, and the rays from the sun are harmful, you put on sunscreen. As the sunscreen protects you, it is killing the coral reefs. One drop of sunscreen can damage the delegate corals. All because of the chemical oxybenzone, which is in 3,500 of the world's sunscreens. The amount of sunscreen needed to damage coral is equivalent to a drop of water in a olympic sized swimming pool! Coral reefs are quickly dying because of sunscreen.

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