France in the 1800's

By Fredy Arroyo and Mateo Flores

Marriages in the 1800's

Young girls were often times kept out of public until her parents had decided on a suitable bachelor. Often arranged, not based on love. Arranged to be beneficial economically or socially for the family. When married, many woman stayed home to raise the family. Marriages typically happened between people of the same class.

Aristocrats (Upper Class)

Based on power and financial status . Many come from the old royals or nobility. Controlled material production and cultural style. Feared if their children chose lower status jobs. Rode horse drawn carriages and had personal drivers. Lifestyle: theater, opera, entertaining, feasting, dancing, and other lavish activators. Most admired and envied class of french society. Manners are extremely important especially when at dances and feast

Bourgeoisie (Middle Class)

Also known as the bourgeoisie, had 10 or more servants. they were usually bankers,entrepreneurs,doctors, dentist, engineers, architect, and accountants. Education was very important, they usually celebrated by holding a grand feast. often visited places such as the movie theater. Middle class marriages involved large dowries.

Lower Class

The working class of France. Grew from the peasants. Had lower education if any at all . Usually stayed in the lower class. The lower class was split into three parts: The upper-working class, the middle-class and the lower working class