Invisibility Awareness

How can we raise awareness for the invisible population

What is the invisible population?

The invisible population involves homeless people, illegal immigrants (or just any immigrants), victims of bullies, people in poverty, etc.


These "invisible people" must be acknowledged whether they are homeless or illegal immigrants. For example, (One in 30 children is homeless in the U.S.,-, adapted by NEWSELA) there are over 2.5 million homeless children and even more people are invisible. These people are "invisible" because people don't acknowledge them. This may because they may frighten other people. Also, they may also be lost in the busyness of the city or area they are in. In fact, in a video, they had people act like they were homeless and have their family walk by (Have the Homeless Become Invisible? Digital image. YouTube. Web.). The family members could not even recognize them. This shows that most people don't even glance at the homeless. Finally, in Things Not Seen, (Clements, 82) Bobby and Alicia were in an elevator. Everybody moved to one side of the elevator to avoid Alicia. They may have done this because of her cane. This is a problem because she is still human though she has a disability, she is still human.

In conclusion, there are millions of people who are invisible and ignored world-wide. Parents must start teaching their children respect and we need more good samaritans.