Nicholas Barbeau, 10/16/15, Period 2


A phobia is an intense but unrealistic fear that can interfere with the ability to socialize.


Experts don't really know what causes phobias to develop, though research suggests the tendency to develop phobias may be a complex interaction between heredity and environment.


The symptoms of phobias is usually a random and irrational fear that has developed for a person.

Age/Gender specific?

Females are 2 times more likely to develop any type of phobia than men.
Top 10 Common Phobias

Background of Phobias

Sigmund Freud is believed to have discovered phobias because in the early 20'th century, he suggested that phobias were the result of excessive exploitation of oppression and displacement of defense mechanisms.


Phobias are easily treated. Anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Valium can help calm someone down when they're afraid. Medication cannot cure disorders, but help keep them under control.