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We welcome all of you to Spotswood High School and the page that is home to Chaucer, Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Frost. Whether you are joining us from Montevideo Middle School, transferring into our school from some other school division, or simply checking us out, we are happy to have you join us. The members of the SHS English Department invite you to accompany us on a tour of our department as we introduce you to the goals, class offerings, features, and statistics that define us as an academic department.
Photo of Spotswood English department.

Front row: Renée Miller Lapp, Jennifer Horowitz, Janie Thames

Back row: Barbara Bean, Dave Scott, Mary Claire Pedagno, Brian Baker, Sharlene Schoenhardt

Renée Miller Lapp - Department Chair, English 10, Teachers for Tomorrow


Brian Baker - English 10, English 10 Advanced

Barbara Bean - English 12, English 12 Honors, AP English 12

Jennifer Horowitz - English 11, English 12

Samantha Jones - English 9, English 10


Mary Claire Pedagno - English 9, Reading

Sharlene Schoenhardt - English 9, Photojournalism, Yearbook, Creative Writing

Janie Thames - English 9, English 12


Course Offerings for English:

Our mission in the SHS English Department is, first and foremost, to develop lifelong readers and competent writers. All English classes at Spotswood High School emphasize reading and writing and all have excellent records in preparing students for today’s high stakes testing.


As a department, we are committed to providing maximum assistance to our students as they strive for success both in the classroom and on standardized tests. All English teachers are available to their students for extra help on classroom assignments each Wednesday afternoon from 3:00-3:30. In addition, tutoring is available Thursday morning at 7:30. Please see your English teacher for assistance.


Though plagiarism is not a problem unique to our academic department, it is an issue we deal with on a more regular basis than most. Plagiarism is cheating and violations are punishable under the provisions of the Spotswood High School Honor Code.