SA Native National Congress

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South Africa's national anthem (as chosen by Nelson Mandela!) by republicordeath

A Brief History

The South African Native National Congress, later renamed African National Congress in 1923, is a political party and black nationalist group founded in 1912. The organization was founded by prominent members of the black community who had recognized the need for a political party that could represent the interests of Africans after the recent establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910. The SANCC knew they had to fight back against the Union's work for a permanent exclusion and subordination of Africans, but believed that Africans had benefited from the British colonial rule. The overall goal was to convince Whites that Blacks were civilized and respectable enough to have a greater presence in South African politics

Significance of SANNC

The SANNC's plan was to work along side the liberal White politicians in order to "reverse the tide of segregation" (Packet 1.4) and to argue against the Union government with politicians in London as they saw it's actions as violations of Britain's promotion of the welfare of Africans and its values. The strategy failed to work in their favor as delegations were repeatedly turned away. The SANNC fell into a state of temporary inactivity. However, the organization experienced much more success in the future as the ANC under the control of John Dube, an original member of the SANNC, and would make great strides in the fight against Apartheid with the use of both peaceful and violent methods. Had the SANNC never been established, the ANC would have never been developed and its work against Apartheid would have never been accomplished.

The SANNC delegation to London in 1914

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Christopher Hitchens on the ANC, South African Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu (1985)

Video gives history of the SANNC and its evolution into becoming the ANC.
Christopher Hitchens on the ANC, South African Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu (1985)


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