Ms. Kaur's Kangaroos

Our 1st Grade Classroom

Class Introduction

Hello to all the parents. My name is Karan Kaur and welcome to my 1st grade classroom. I refer to my 1st grade students as Kangaroos because they are very active while learning and playing in the classroom. This is my second year teaching at Cougar Elementary and I enjoy working with my first grade students very much. I like to teach in a first grade classroom because this is the most important grade of development for all the children. This is where they learn to make friends, discover their social skills and are most alert at learning new things. Before becoming a teacher I was a theater student and I love to use that talent in the classroom to the best of my abilities. My students love to dress up for presentations and re telling stories. Dramatization is important for students in the first grade because they learn about who they are and what they want to be when they grow up.


My students love to read and listen to stories. Story time is their favorite hour of the day. Each day one student choose's their favorite book for a read aloud. I love to read to my students. During the read aloud they have many questions and are very enthusiastic about the book. Below is the book of the day chosen by a student in the classroom. As a teacher I encourage parents to share these books with their children at home and make their own library. Reading is important and the children have fun during this learning activity.

Book Shelf

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Today's book was chosen by Kristin Salem. The book is called "Stellaluna" by Janell Cannon. Stellaluna is about bat who loses her mother and learns about other flying creatures that are not like her. Please add this book to your home book shelf. The students will enjoy this read aloud.

Fruit Bat Picture

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Tuesday, March 31st, 10am

Wildlife Zoo

This year our students are learning about different types of animals. What better way to learn about different animals then going to the Zoo. This will be a fun learning experience for the children. I encourage parents to come along the trip with their children.

The 6 Important Rules

It is important that all students follow the classroom rules. The class goal is for everyone to treat each other with respect. These are also great rules! to use in the household for children to learn.

1. Say Please and Thank You

2. Raise your hand before speaking

3. We do Kindness

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated

5. Treat adults and peers with respect.

6. Always try to be fair even if it is not equal.

Ruler Picture

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This year our classroom is learning about different shapes like squares, triangles and circles. We are showing the students different shapes in the classroom and also constructing activities like drawing shapes, using different crafts objects to make shapes. A great way to help students learn about shapes at home is by asking them to point out anything in the household that is in the shape of a square. This is a quick and easy activity to do with your children at home.

Shapes Picture

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