The Reformation

By. Briana jones

The Change

The Catholic church was having a huge disagreement because Martin Luther ,Believed that only faith will bring salvation , and that teaching should only be based on upon god .he wrote the 95 these or formal statements ,attacking the church . He posted statements on the door of the church . They were copied and became know to all of germany and soon it was know as the Reformation .

who where the people associated with the change?

Martin Luther Wanted change because he wanted to spend money on personal pleasures and pursuing the worldly affairs .and because vows were broken by the priests by them marrying and drinking and gambling.

How Did The Change Impact Society at the time ?

They formed a group and that group was called the "Lutherans" and they had became protesters or "protestants" with means that they were Christians who protest on a catholic church .

How Is That Change Seen In Today 's Modern Society ?

People believe in what Martin Luther did was a good thing like churches today they think of all the good things that Marin Luther did way back then and how he wanted to change the way god was talked about .