Burlington County Special Services School District

December 2015

As a new year is approaching it is the right time to take the time to reflect on the last year as well as look forward to new changes in the new year. Swim class will have some new changes but some notable changes in the last year are:

- The opening of the middle section to more classes

- Enhanced the use of time for therapeutic swim

- Implemented a behavior modification system for swim class

- Emphasizing the Word of the Month in swim class

The word of the month for December is "Kindness". Students are asked before class what the meaning of the word is and the importance of showing kindness and how they can do that in swim class. With this time of the year you can really see how the students are showing kindness and it is so great to see!

Please check out the link to the aquatic Website! On here you will find newsletters, forms, updates and pictures. http://www.bcsssd.k12.nj.us/domain/306

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From here at the pool I would Just like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!