Stained Glass Artist

Job Description

Stained glass artists are talented individuals who cut and scalp colored glass to make beautiful windows and other works of art. They have an eye for perfection and have to have greta patience and preciseness to make sure they cut the glass to fit into the window frame (which they also produce themselves). It is a painstaking but worthwhile job because these beautiful glass pieces can light up a room with beautiful colors unlike a normal clear window. These artists must also have the skills to work with fire to melt the glass together, and they must also have interior design knowledge so that they can make windows that fit into the wall correctly.

Experience and Education

No degree is necessary, but knowledge in fine arts and glass work is recommended. Many stained glass artists learn from watching videos online or checking out "how to" websites. There are also numerous literary resources in libraries where one can read up on how to make stained glass. Lastly, there are stained glass classes that you can sign up for online! The longer one practices making stained glass, the better one becomes!

Salary and Location

Stained glass artists living in New York have the highest paying salary of about $62,000 average annually. The average salary for a stained glass artist in all of the United States is $33,000. This is not very high which is why many stained glass artists have other jobs or have the skills to produce other glass objects (vases, plates etc) to raise their income.

Professional Organizations

Professional stained glass organizations include the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) as well as online groups one can sign up for to receive helpful tips and invitations to meet ups etc. Here is the top website on google: