The History of our Galaxy

By Time Travelers: Madeleine D. and Alex W.

Lets start at the Big Bang

The Big Bang is the event that marked the beginning of time, space, matter and energy.

The Big Bang

It is the year 2015, and we jumped in our time machine (TARDIS). We pressed some buttons, entetred in the code and the time machine began to rumble violently. After a few minutes, the time machine came to a stop. The electronic sign read 13.8 billion years ago. We opened the window hatch and we saw blackness. Luckily, the window had shielding, so it protected us from what was to come. Suddenly, there was a flash of light that was blindingly light even through the shielding. Then, the explosion. This explosion over took the time machine in less than a second. This explosion was bigger than supermassive.

The Beginnning of the Solar System

After witnessing what we understood to be the Big Bang, we began to time travel again. The time machine once again came to a stop and we opened the observation window. We observed the sun come to being, and the solar system take form. Soon, it is the Haderan Era, the Earth starts to mold. There is a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. So, we stay in the TARDIS and observe history.

The Story of Mother Earth

During the Archean Era, Alex and I saw oceans form over the Earth's crust, and prokaryotes start to live in the oceans. Then, marine photosynthesis begin among the prokaryotes. About 2,390,000,000 years ago, the Great Oxygen Event and the Huronian Ice age happened. Near the middle of the Proterozoic Era, eukaryotes begin to live. About 846,000,000 years ago, bacteria and protozoa start to do photosynthesis on land. As we near to the end of the Proterozico Era, the Cryogenuan Ice age. At the beginning of the Paleozico Era, the Cambrian Explosion happened. The Earth now has worms, molluscs, arthropods, and many more.

At the peak of the Jean- Saharan Ice age, there was a mass extinction. Near the end of the Devonian period of the Paleozico Era, there was another extinction, and another at the end of the Karoo Ice age. Around 203,000,000 years ago, Pangaea had meteorite collision causing another mass extinction and Pangaea to divide into 7 land masses. At the beginning of the Cenozico Era, there was a massive comet impact that caused a mass extinction.

Homo sapiens appear around 181,000 years ago. After that, human history took its cousre and the rest is history.