Chinese Foot Binding


How Foot Binding Works

Foot binding became very popular for wealthy women, men thought it to be highly attractive. Foot binding was a way to show their beauty & a way to show that they were wealthy of a husband. The foor binding process begins with a young girl (4-7 years old) soaking their feet in warm water or animal blood with herbs. After her feet had been soaking she had to get her toe nails clipped short & given a foot masage. Next, every toe would be broken except for the big toe. Then the foot was wrapped in binding cloth. Every day, or every couple of days, The foot would be unwrapped then wrapped again. The girls would be put into smaller shoes untill their foot was about 4 inches long.

Facts about Foot Binding

-Men thought that having small feet were highly attractive.

-Foot Binding was done to show that they are wealthy for a husband

-It would be done at only 4-7 years old

-All toes but the big one would be broken

-Chinese people were forced to bind thier feet

-They usually tried to make the feet 3-4 inchs short