Ms. Lindsay's KDG Class Update

March 22nd, 2015

The Story of Passover

Yesterday was a busy morning for our class, and the rain didn't stop us from having fun! We started the day learning about a baby named Moses (meaning: pulled from the water) and how his mother floated him down the Nile River in a basket in hopes that he would be saved during a time of slavery and during which Hebrew babies were being sacrificed. He was pulled from the water by Pharoah's daughter and was raised in Pharoah's palace where he grew up to be a great leader, ultimately confronting Pharoah and working with God to help free the Hebrew nation from slavery.

To help the students visualize the beginning of Moses' journey, we shared the first part of Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt, and we highly recommend you watch the whole movie with your children, because it's a great depiction of Moses and the story of Passover. We also read "The Moses Basket," by Jenny Koralek and Pauline Baynes, which further explained why Moses' mom tried to save him and "The Story of Passover," by Bobbi Katz, which went a bit further, introducing Pharoah and the plagues, which we'll learn more about next week.

Our art project was a cup for Elijah, so at your seders, I hope you are able to use these as you welcome Elijah! Next Sunday, the students will learn more about how the story of Passover translates into the traditions of the holiday, learning more about the seder, and making their own seder plates to bring home!

Leah led the class in our Jewish & Me "The Story of Passover" packet and in learning our Hebrew letter of the day (Tsadee). She talked about how we know two words that have Tsadee in them - Matzah and Tzedakah, both very important as we approach Passover as we remind ourselves how lucky we are to be free and how important it is to give to those in need.

Cups for Elijah!

It was the students' idea to stack the cups for the picture! :)
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Our Special of the Day - T'filah

We ended the day in T'filah with Rabbi Brad. He taught us several different versions of Mi Chamocha, a song that the Jewish people sang as they became free from slavery in Egypt. We also learned how important it is to be brave, even when you're a little scared!

See you next Sunday!

Lindsay & Leah