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polish listening skills & practice coaching conversations

Welcome! Pick up a Listening Skills Assessment and begin filling it out.

Listening Assessment

Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? If you are to be a committed listener, it is important to assess your listening skills! This will give you a starting point for growing your listening skills as a coach. Committed listening is CRITICAL in becoming the best coach you can be!
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What is your Listening Action Plan?

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Coaching Conversations by Linda Cheliotes and Marceta Reilly

FIVE quick Listening Tips

  1. Try to to listen 75% of time – speak 25% of time. This is very powerful tip. Ensure that the other person speaks MORE than you do and listen to them.
  2. Don't plan out what you want to say while you are listening to the person speaking. Your brain works much faster than a person speaking, therefore it can easily leave the speaker behind. Trust that you will know how to respond when the person is finished speaking.
  3. Let the speaker finish each major point that he/she wants to make. Don't interrupt! Offer your response only when they are finished speaking. If you absolutely must interrupt, it should only be so you can ensure you are hearing the other person. For example, you could interrupt with, "Might I interrupt to ask you a clarify something?"
  4. Reflect back and ask if you are hearing accurately. This is also a strong tip. Start by asking if you can reflect back, or even summarize, to the other person after they have spoken. Then progress to where you ask them to summarize back to you what you have just said to them.
  5. Learn the art of supportive questioning. The art of coaching involves the use of powerful questions to understand perceptions, assumptions, and conclusions. The coach must practice effective questioning skills to really understand others.
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Coaching Scenarios

Read the scenarios together. One of you act as if you are the teacher and one of you act as if you are the coach.

Practice your listening skills and think about a growth mindset!

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The smore is here: https://www.smore.com/4n6z3

Listening Self Assessment

Listening Self Assessment is here.

It has multiple sheets. The first sheet is the assessment, the second sheet is how you score it, and the third sheet has the listening action plan.

If I wasn't an Instructional Coach, I would be a _________ because __________.

Let's share.

Sentence stems:

  • The most interesting thing I heard was...
  • The most shocking thing I heard was...
  • The most unusual thing I heard was...