Mid-Week Musings...

a few thoughts from your Head Teacher - covered in sparkle!

My head is so full of 'stuff' I need to remember that I thought that you would all appreciate a reminder too!

Thursday 10th December - Panto Day

Grasshoppers and Fireflies will be leaving at lunch time to enjoy the Rock and Roll Panto at The Wolsey Theatre. Please remember:

1. They need a snack and drink (both disposable) in a clear plastic NAMED bag for the interval.

2. Please ensure they have a coat on Thursday but they do not need hats, gloves and scarfs as these are just something else to loose and leave at the theatre and we like to make a quick exit at the end.

3. Please only send them with their lunch on Thursday. They do not need school bags and we will discouraging them coming back into school after collection at 4.30pm.

4. Let Jo know if you are going to collect at Portman Road. We would appreciate a few people doing this to relieve the traffic and collection in Larchcroft Road at 4.30pm. Thank you!


Sparkle and Shine! A good day to get out the tinsel and that Christmas Jumper!

All children need a jar for one of the activities and we would still appreciate loo rolls for crackers.

Please be prompt on Friday - we have a lot to fit in!

You are welcome to collect your child from 2.30pm - again to allow for a gradual pick up to ease traffic and parking. All children need to be collected by 3.30pm please.

Christmas Fayre and Christmas Celebration- Castle Hill Church 5pm onwards

Christmas Fayre starts at 5pm - all welcome.. the more the merrier!

Christmas celebration starts at 6pm in the church.

Children must be in full school uniform please.

Staff will start collecting the children at about 5.50pm to come and take their place in the church.

Please keep your child's coat with you apart from choir children who need to bring them to me to place them ready for their song.


Fireflies have been working very hard on the production of their Christmas Carol CD - with a twist! They will be on sale on Friday at the Fayre for £3 (or £5 for 2). Not to be missed!
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