Ten Dead And Unsolved Mystery Found

By: Rick Harvey


The story begins by introducing the characters. We learn what the characters do for a living and a brief description of them. We also learn why they are all going to the mysterious island. They arrive at the island and the island is not what the guests imagine. They all get settled in and get ready for dinner. They all are feeling each other out at the dinner. Soon dinner is over and they get ready to go up to their rooms. Without warning a voice interrupts the guests. The mysterious voice accuses every guest of a murder. After the announcements the guests all say the announcements are preposterous. Anthony Marston states that the legal life is boring and heres to the wild side raising a glass to it. After he takes the drink he slumps out of his chair and drops the glass. They rush up to him and determine that he is dead. They determine that he died of cyanide poisoning. The guests are all on edge. Thinking that Anthony Marston isn't the kind of person to commit suicide. They all exchange goodbyes and head up to their rooms. The story then sheds some details of the guest's alleged murders. The story then goes to the doctor who gets woke up by Rogers panicking because his wife won't wake up. He gets dressed and hurries to Rogers' room. He then determines that the wife is dead. It then goes to the doctor breaking the news to the group at breakfast. There is a lot of suspicion of the deaths that have taken place in the mansion. The group then decides as soon as the boat comes to get them food they are going to leave. Suspicion rises when the boat doesn't arrive. The more capable men go to look for the killer. They don't find a killer so they all believe that these two deaths are accidents. Soon after they see that MacArthur is dead. Justice Wargrave soon concludes that one of the guests is the killer. There is a discussion between the guests discussing who the killer might be. The guests then go to bed. Phillip wakes up and hears the house is unusually quiet. He goes to look for Rodgers and finds him dead. After that they eat breakfast like normal people showing that they have become accustomed to murder. They decide to talk about their situation. Miss Brent goes up to her room and feels a prick on the back of her neck. The guests go up to her room and find her dead. The guests accuse the doctor since he is the only one with a needle that could be used to kill Miss Brent. The remaining guests decide to lock up all deadly weapons. They go to get the hypodermic syringe and the revolver and see that both of them are missing sending the guests into panic. Vera gets scared by seaweed in her room and everybody goes to see if she is okay. The guests see that she is okay and go back down stairs to find a bullet in Wargrave's head. Blore thinks he hears something outside his door and goes to find out what it is. Nothing comes of Blore's search except for new accusations. The guests wake up to see Armstrong is gone. They search for him but nothing comes up. There is only three guests left. They decide to stick together. They then find Armstrong dead between two rocks drowned. Vera then shoots Lombard thinking he is the murderer. She goes to the house thinking she is the survivor. The story ends by Vera going to her room and hanging herself. We later learn that Justice Wargrave is the killer in a manuscript and that he faked his death originally and has just shot himself in the head.


I think that this story is good because it is very interesting. It tells the story from different perspectives. It tells how each character feels about the situation that they are in and who they think the killer is. I like how you can narrow down your choices of who the murderer is after the person you suspect is killed. You also get attached to these characters and you are surprised and sad when they die. I liked how the ending didn't give anything away and left you with a lot of unanswered questions until you read the manuscript. I like how the ending surprised you. I never would have thought that Justice Wargrave had faked his death and killed all the guests. Those are the reasons I like the book. I really think if you haven't read it you should give it a chance.