The Raft

Grace Cranford

Before plan crashed

Before the plan crashed everything was pretty good. She was able to get her nose pierce and live with her aunt for the summer. She was doing what she wanted with her aunt, but something wasn't right her aunt was leaving for a week. When Robies aunt was planning to leave she was okay with it she thought she was going to be fine. When she left Robie didn't like being by herself so she planed to leave.

On the raft

When the plan crashed Robie got on the raft to be safe. The guy that was on the raft had been knocked out for the hole time but then to find out he was dead. Robie found a bag on the raft that did help her out. The only thing she had to eat was the m&ms. The only water she had was the water she soaked up from the rain. There was a leak in the raft so she had to fix it. The water that kept coming in the raft was getting Robie soaked which made it complicated.

On the island

When Robie got to the island it was a little bit more easier for her. When she got to the island she fount a lot of lighters and she made signals out of them. When she set the flares off it didnt work which made it a lot more complicated on her. When she was there she finally realized that Max was dead. The hole time she thought he was just out of it but he was dead.

Making connections

This kind of reminds me of the hunger games. Its kind of like they were both fighting for there lives to survive. In the hunger games and the book they had to get there own food and water and anything else they need. Even though in the hunger games they were forced its kind of the same. All there trying to do is survive.