Contest/Need Help Fraud

What is it?

Sometimes, you will get a pop-up or add on phone or computer. It tends to look like this:

-You've just won 5,000 dollars Click HERE to collect your prize!

There are also emails or pop-ups about a person/place that needs help.

-Please sponser me so I can afford a surgery, go to this cite to donate.


scams work by asking you to pay some sort of fee in order to claim your prize or winnings from a competition or lottery you never entered

How to Prevent

-don't believe the site

-ignore the pop-ups

-someone asks you to pay money up-front in order to receive a prize or winnings

-numbers starting with 190

-read all the terms and conditions

-verify the identity of the contact by calling the relevant organisation directly

-do an internet search using the exact names and text