Instructional Technology Tidbits

a few notes from the ITS


I am so impressed with the number of classes that participated in Hour of Code this week. Not only were the kids excited about it, but several teachers as well. Many of you even asked if you could code along with the students. ABSOLUTELY! Your students will love that you are doing it along with them (even more exciting will be that time when they have to help you through your code).

The teacher dashboard on was down this week to help them keep up with the amount of traffic they were receiving. It is starting to catch up and hopefully all our hard work will show soon. If not, I'm sure the kids wont mind doing it again.

If you need help with adding students, seeing progress, fitting it in...anything, let me know. Coding is an important skill our students will need to be successful in the future. Let's give them that foundation!

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Achieve 3000 Read to Succeed Contest

Congratulations to the winning classes, Ms. Bullock's at Lynnhaven and Ms. Dungan's at Trantwood! Even though the contest period is over, keep up the momentum. Maybe try a similar contest within your classroom. Encourage initial scores over 75% not just number of completed articles. Be creative! The kids will love it.

Global Seesaw Challenge

Check out the Global Seesaw Challenge. If you are still unsure about Seesaw or just getting ready to start (I know quite a few of you are starting after the break) this is perfect. It will help you gain a better understanding of the program and how it could be used in your classroom, not to mention give you a bit more confidence in the process. Those of you who are already using Seesaw can benefit too. If nothing else it could be fun!

Seesaw is so powerful. If you only try one new thing with your class make is Seesaw!