My Careers

By: Antonio Ignacio-Mendoza

1st Job Option

One of the 1st jobs I am interested in is an electrician, since I help my dad a lot with helping him connect electronic devices, set up electric type things, etc. After several years helping him, I started to get an interest about being an electrician. The requirements needed to be an electrician is a high school diploma or something similar to it, no specific type of course needs to be taken, but having the knowledge of things like:

-Basic circuitry

-Basic Math

are helpful to do this job.



My Other Job Option

The other job that has something that I am very interested in is to be an Agricultural Engineer. Since I am very into gardening and working with different kinds of plants for example, vegetables, fruits, grass, different trees, plants from Mexico, etc. The requirements to be an Agricultural Engineer is to have a bachelor’s degree, in agricultural or biological things. Also they need to have practical experience, and/or cooperative-education engineering programs. The average annual wage of an Agricultural Engineer is around $74,000.


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