Come To Diversity Day!

Where And When

Thursday, May 2nd 2013 at 10-11:30am

702 Pflaum Road, Madison, WI (Robert M La Follette High School)

The performance will be held in the Auditorium, Block 2 on Thursday, May 2nd only.

First Come First Serve!

If you want your block 2 class to attend, we will have an online sign up form available on Monday, April 29th at 8:00 am

Because of the fire code we can only admit 576 people in the Aud. There will also be assigned seating and teachers will be asked to sit with their classes. All of the teachers that signed up in time will get an email with more detailed information on Tuesday.

Everyone is Unique

Our theme for Diversity Day is "Everyone is Unique". We would love to celebrate all cultures and to have you be a be part of Diversity Day performance on Thursday, May 2nd during second block by wearing your traditional regalia or clothing.

Please direct any questions to Alicia Webb (B21) or Michelle Olson (guidance)

Special Notes For teachers

They will send out a list of the performers. If they are not satisfactorily passing your class then please inform either Ms. Michelle Olson or Ms. Beckett-Webb. Students will need to be cleared by you before they can perform in the show.

Performers will be given field trip slips for blocks 1 and 2, so please excuse them on May 2nd.

Performance from Diversity day 2010

Taalbi Brothers -Buster Voodoo Cover