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A skiff is most often referred to as a small type of boat. In the US, it pertains to small sea-going fishing boats. It can either be powered by oars or sails. There are even those which may be small but are flat bottomed and open. They may also feature a flat stern and a pointed bow. For this reason, skiff boats are originally developed as the more inexpensive and effortless to build boat used by inshore fishermen.

From their original design which is powered through rowing, they have evolved into more convenient forms such as those powered by outboard motors. Until now, this design is used either for work or for pleasure. Aside from wood, skiff boats can also be made from other materials.

If you are set to building a skiff boat, it is much cheaper to buy skiff plans rather than to have one built for you. These boats can vary. The easiest to build are those that feature simple designs.

Aside from being used for fishing, in the past, skiffs were used for travel purposes. In fact, there have been archeological findings that have proven how the Indus civilization used these boats in transporting goods through the rivers. The ones demonstrated then had no sail or masts. This suggests that these boats were typically not used for sea travel.

Good examples of the ones used for travel are the gondolas of Venice. Until now, there are still ferry boats from Staten Island of New York to Lower Manhattan area.

Skiff boats are traditionally made from wood. Since the time they were originally made, they have transitioned to various shape change. Many believe that these changes were dependent on the current circumstances at the time as well as of purpose it served then. Now, these boats can be powered by sail, oar or motor. So, if you are planning to build one, it is up to your preference. Just make sure this is indicated on the skiff boat plans you intend to buy. get more here kuşadası samos feribot

Another reason why hobbyists and boat enthusiasts build a skiff is for competition sailing. This is since skiffs are regarded as "high performance dinghies". In fact, experts mention them as the hardest of all dinghy varieties to sail due to their narrow hull which is comparable to the sail area they usually carry.