Positivity Youth Group.

Our Positive community forms a better bond between students

Come Out to support the children's youth group!!

In the auditorium next Friday there will be a youth group held for the middle school as well as the high school students. This is a great opportunity for students to get to know each other while helping each other with problems they may have or to help others make decisions that are beneficial for their future. In addition they will all learn to work as a team and have trust towards others. Basically everyone will sit in a circle and do some team work trusting activities to feel comfortable with each other. Then everyone will have some snacks which will be provided and then everyone will sit in a circle and respect whatever stories or problems anyone needs to let out. This is a positive community where children can get together and show their true character. Everyone is welcome, can't wait to see those who decide to come!

Positivity youth group

Friday, April 15th, 5:15-8pm

131 Main Street

Emerson, NJ