Land Of The Swirly Twirly Gum Drops

And Sour Patch People ; By Stevie, The President


We the people believe that the government will provide national parks, an army, swat teams, police officers, and any other armed forces groups. They will also provide schools, colleges, university's, prisons, courts, and banks. Hospitals and nurses, and any other type of doctors will be provided by the state and so will city parks and state parks. Banks will be equipped with police officers and security cameras. There will be county courts and prison but there will also be federal courts, judges, and prisons. In the prison there will be a death penalty. If in prison because you were convicted of murder you will receive one fair trial and if found guilty will be brought back to your cell and killed immediately. DNA tests will be required before the fair trial. There will be first degree murder, second degree murder, and manslaughter. If you steal you will be put in jail for ten years with no trial. If you do not pay your taxes there will be a 7,000 dollar fine and if you do not pay your taxes after that you will be put in jail for 5 years.


In the oligarchy there will be state electors for governors, and country electors for the leader of the country. They governor will look over everything in the state so there will be no mayor and city council. The governor when he wins the election, will hire a secretary of state and the President of the country will hire a secretary of the country. There will always be public elections and who ever has the most will get the favor of the votes. After that the people in the Oligarchy before will choose who is in the Oligarchy now. Elections will be held every six years.
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The first amendment is the right to have free religion, the second is the right to bear arms, the third is the get a job and make money, the fourth is the right to free speech, the fifth is the right to go to school and learn things, and the sixth is the right to own a house.


Me, the President of the country and the oligarchy.