Common Items for Lubrication

By: Christopher Kieser

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment was to find out what household items are best for lubricating metal. I became interested in this experiment when I realized it could help me fix my bike. The information gained from this experiment will help others by having me being able to help them with some problems.


Do you need something to lubricate metal but you can’t leave your house? This science fair project will help you know what to use for your problem and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home!

Mineral oil is a great thing to use for lubrication. Olive oil, Canola oil, and Fish oil all are great items too. These items grease the surface of the metal and make it easier to move your metal. Mineral oils can be found also in many common items in your household. Baby oil and lots of after shower products are commonly infused with mineral oils. Mineral Oils are a good way to lubricate.


My hypothesis is that oil will be the best lubricator. I base my hypothesis on background knowledge.


1 Metal knowledge.

2 oil

3 water

4 Petroleum Gel

5 Soap

I/V= The lubrication of metal

D/V= The metal pipes

C/V= The pipes

C/V= The frame


1. Find the items you are lubricating with

2. Use different items for each pipe

3. Lather each pipe

4. Rub sandpaper on each pipe to test how well it worked.

5 .Record your data

Observations Log/Data


The original purpose of this experiment was to see what household item would best lubricate metal.


My hypothesis was oil would be the best lubricator. The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered…..Based on the results of this experiment…. If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would...


Patti Cunnigham, Michelle Lich


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