Concentration Camps

Anna Wenninger 3/4 hr

How Concentration Camps Changed the Life of Prisoners

These camps were completely awful for all of the prisoners. The SS soldiers would either starve them to death, work them to death, or murder them. Hitler wanted to exterminate all people who were Jewish.

The longer you were in the concentration camps, the less human characteristics you owned. Thousands of Jews died but you couldn't cry for them. If they saw you grieving, they would most likely kill you on the spot. Towards the end of the period, all you cared about was keeping yourself alive. You would try to keep other prisoners alive, but the strength that you had was to only keep yourself alive. Pretty soon you had no hope. There was no reason to try.

Aside from human characteristics, you had a lot of physical changes as well. You lost a tremendous amount of weight. Your daily meal was soup and bread. Soon enough, bread was your life. Also, before they sent you off into your camps, they shaved off your hair. They gathered everyones shaved hair and sold it to gain money.