Radiant Rebels January 2016!

Let's kick off the New Year in Style!

What is your 2016 "Why"?

It is so important to know the answer to this. My "Why" when I started in July 2014 was to save for a trip to Disney. Well, that is going to happen this summer, thanks to my Stella Blue Card! So, now I have to shift my focus- I'm saving for our "forever" home! That's a big scary "Why", but I'm determined in 2016 to take steps in that direction! I would love to hear your Why! Head over to the Radiant Rebels team page and declare your "Why"! All who post by this Friday, 1/8, are entered into the raffle to win a piece from the new Spring line!

Let's get booking!!

Here is my big goal for our team- let's shoot for STAR this quarter!! Who is with me? To hit STAR, we need about 15 shows booked for any given month and we need to sell $10,000 as a team in a month. I need to sell $2000 of that total, and three of you need to sell at least $500 (qualified). As a team, we make up the rest! Let's aim for FEBRUARY!! All who book THREE shows in February will go in the raffle for a $50 Nordstrom gift card! Join Stef Ott's 2242 group on the Shining Diamonds page to book up your February!!
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