Disney Effect

By:Aaliyah Johnson


Animator's Palate is a restaurant inside the Disney Dream Cruise ship.they serve very exciting and unique dishes from Asian food to California.The service at animators palate is great they give service with a smile.Disney employees have to keep the atmosphere light and full of magical.For the guest so they can feel like they're welcome.Overall Disney employees have to have a great attitude and interact with the guest


The Design Of Animators Palate is Very unique unlike any restaurant you have ever seen.While the customers are eating the walls come to life throughout the night there eating there meal.The are no specific characters in animators palate its kinda a little bit of every Disney character .The table ware is black and white,when you enter the animators palate on the Disney dream they're are characters through out it .Also if a guest is sitting near a screen some of the stars from Finding Nemo appear and actually talk to the guest.


In this restaurant since the characters are through out the restaurant on the walls.they're are no actual characters walking through this restaurant.