the raft

by:D'angelo Andry Moreira

Before the plane crash

robin was a girl from midway that was staying at here aunt house for awhile.her aunt had to go back to work witch it is in L.A for a week.she goes to get diner the night here aunt goes to L.A when an old man push her to the ground.she runs away and decides to go back to midway but the only chance is to go one the cargo plane or the G-1

In The Ocean

when the G-1 crashes Larry goes down with it.max and robin are the only survivors of the crash but max got a head injury and is sleeping for most of the time.robin finds the costal commanders pack and throws max of the raft wile he is sleeping but tied to a rope for robin to bail out the water.max is gone and she goes crazy but then max comes out from nowhere and hopes back on the raft.max is awake and help robin fix the raft then the raft catches wind and fly away but then robin gets it.

On The Island

when robin crashes on the island she gets a eye bruised shut then almost goes back to sea.she tries to find the raft and max but only finds lighters but none of them work.robin find the raft and max the tries to get a fire going with the lighter fluids.robin finds a half eaten mother seal with its baby seal,robin puts the mother seal out of its misery.robin finds out that max is dead it was a part of robins head. robin names the seal Starbuck and become friends,then Starbuck is choking on a net that is wrap around here then robin try to loosen the net but it start to choke then die.robin feels guilty of killing Starbucks,robin finds a marlin monroe lighter that works then light the fire. she goes and cook some of Starbucks meat and eats it the its start to rain to little for drinking but just a lot for putting out the fire.when robin starts to give up a ship come to the island to save her,she is bring to the ship and rescued.

Text To Self

I was on my plane and i was listening to music when a lot of turbulence comes and hits us.i was so scared that i almost peed my pants.we could not get up for nothing it was so bad it felt like we were in a tornado.

Text To Text

i read a book that this happen in it is called ratchet its about a boy that is in a plane crash and had to survived in the forests.he had to kill for food like robin and he had to find a way to communicate with planes.

Text To World

there was a plane that went missing on March was the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370,it disappeared in the middle of the was steered off course and landed some were in the ocean.the navy can't still find the plane,it said that it might of crashed in the ocean and some of could have been survivors.