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Get First-hand Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Experience Volunteering at Australia’s Renowned organisation Oceans 2 Earth

Melbourne, Australia– Oceans 2 Earth is a well-known Australian organisation that offers volunteering opportunities for animal rescue, rehabilitation and animal care projects in Australia and overseas.

Oceans 2 Earth is a renowned organisation, bringing unique and interesting opportunities to animal lovers who are interested in learning about the care and rehabilitation of animals.They are a not for profit organisation based in Australia and the only one that dedicates their business to, and specialises in animal projects.

Oceans 2 Earth works in collaboration with many other animal welfare organisations throughout the world, so volunteers have a choice of where they go and what animals they care for. Their strict Ethical Standards Policy make it easy to join these animal volunteering programs as it gives the volunteer peace of mind that they are supporting a project that puts the animals first. Projects vary from country to country, but each focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing/rehoming each animal. Volunteers get to learn how to care for each animal and handle them if required. This could range from walking a dog to catching a koala.

Oceans 2 Earth is the only Australian owned organisation that is dedicated to animals. They have the largest range of Australian projects and unique opportunities that no other organisation can offer. They have taken a leap ahead in working in the field of volunteer recruitment for animal rescue and rehabilitation, promoting positive relationships and experiences for volunteers that want to work closely with animals. Many projects give the volunteer the opportunity to work in animal rescue which is not available at most other organisations.

Oceans 2 Earth supports stray animal projects where it is important to spread awareness and educate the local community while working to eradicate the problem of strays and the implications this brings.Such campaigns are vitally important to developing communities where negative attitudes are prevalent and the issues are complex.

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer at an animal rescue and rehabilitation organisation, visit Oceans 2 Earth.It is a great platform to start working for this cause. For more information visit- http://www.oceans2earth.org/volunteer today!

About the Company: Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers (O2E) was founded by and is run by volunteers to offer volunteering and adventure travel experiences for animal and conservation lovers, in order to positively impact the issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction through first-hand experience and engagement. O2E raises funds for animal welfare and habitat protection NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) by providing responsible travel and volunteering consistent with O2E’s Ethical Standards and Wildlife Code.

Contact: Tracy Leske, Director

Company: Oceans 2 Earth Foundation - Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers

Address: Melbourne, Australia

Telephone No.: +61 450 047 100

+61 433 133 543

Website: http://www.oceans2earth.org

Email: volunteer@oceans2earth.org