Primary School Keeps on Learning

Honing our skills to use them in all of our work

Spring Concert Fun

I sure hope you were there this past Monday night at 6 in the gym next door. Mr. Boucher and the children put on a terrific 35 of minutes of toe tappin tunes and tantalizing rounds to make everyone walk out of the gym with a song in their heart. Supercalifreagilistic was really a hit with the audience and the kids smiled ear to ear. I am so proud of the way our kids embraced the songs and the joy of singing together. Thanks Mr. Boucher for wonderful memories.

Mom and Son Fun

There is still time to REGISTER for MOTHER SON Laser tag THIS SUNDAY at 5 p.m.

Go the following link for easy registration. The event includes pizza and a drink (gluten free options available.)

Please sure to complete your online waiver before coming!

Proud of Our WI Expo Museums

With the power of teamwork, our 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Jones (lit coor.) and Mrs. Iwanski (science/tech), developed a new approach to display the work of our fourth grade children. A museum format was designed in order to display the impactful factors that make our state unique in our country and the world. The children dug into their areas of study, manufacturing, tourism, the economy, geopgraphy, etc. and how these affect our state and its people. Thanks to our staff and students for rocking the projects.

Looking for a little spirit in our schools

Next week, with your help, we will be having a little bit of fun with the children dressing up differently each day. Participation is totally voluntary and doesn't have to be every day. Both schools are involved although a Tuesday is a bit different for the Primary School students. The schedule is right here for you.

take a look here

The chicks are peepin in 4K

Each year the 4K students have the chance to learn about how life begins with the egg and we have our little feathered friends arrive to make it all come together. Enjoy the pics below.

Mike Budisch

The WI Expo took a big turn over the past few weeks as a museum theme was introduced. In the past we had trifold boards. The children worked on learning and understanding the impact of many variables which make our state unique. It was a tremendous undertaking by students and staff alike. Thanks for the support.