Kingsley 3rd Grade Team Newsletter

December Volume 1 Issue 2

Month at a Glance

As December rolls around we have a lot to look forward to in the remaining three weeks.

This short month will contain an abundance of activities to go alongside the instruction in the classroom. Below is a snapshot of some of these events and happenings. The team will provide detailed information as the month unfolds. Our goal is to finish the year strong and to leave on a high note! As always thank you for reading our Newsletter.

Skills Focus (Curriculum News)

Below are some of the main standards that we will be covering or introducing in December. This is not exhaustive and does not represent standards that we address through remediation or in reviews. Please contact your child's teacher for any clarification.

Math: MCC3. MD. 8 Perimeter & MCC3. MD. 5 Area (counting unit squares)

Science: S3L1 a-d (Habitats; Plant & Animal characteristics)

ELA: ELACC3 RI 3, 8; ELACC3 L1 (Various Language Arts components)

Writing: Multiple Standards on Informational Writing

S.S.: SS3CG 2 (Life & Times of Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Mary M. Bethune, & Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Announcements and Reminders

3rd Grade Specific

12/8 ELA Benchmarks (3rd Grade)

12/16 Science Test on Habitats & Animal Characteristics (Tentative)

12/7- 12/11 Math Test on Area & Perimeter (Tentative)

12/7- 12/11 S.S. Douglass, SBA & MMB Test (Tentative)

12/17 Holiday Parties (Scheduled for 9-10AM)

*Other dates and events will be communicated through the courier.

Kingsley Events

Please visit the Kingsley Blog for an up to date listing of December events.

Building Memories