The Dance Works


In 5th grade I decided that I wanted to be a Dragonette in High School. So I joined a company called The Dance Works and I have been dancing there since then. I was confused at first, but I picked up quickly and am now in a High School Class that even has some Dragonettes in it. Its really great to be able to learn from them. I get to hear about the things they do, and tips/ advice from them, It really helps. I started out doing volleyball and soccer before dance, and now I do volleyball and dance. It all started in our first performance. I was so nervous I could chew off all my nails. It was our annual Dance Works spring recital and I was in 3 dances. My classes dance, and 2 dances in our ballet "Alice in wonderland". I was leaping around the stage, and I saw my parents. They made me smile. The thing that helped me through all the dances was the super bright lights. All you can see is lights, no people, no worries. After all the performances I was a lot more confident and excited because I actually didnt mess up.

From Then On

I like dance so much now and feel like I’ve been dancing all my life. When people ask me how long I have been dancing they get surprised when I say “3 years”.  Most girls who dance have been dancing since they were really young, but not me. Its a little embarrasing to say you have not been dancing very long in front of all the girls that have, but they said they would have never guessed I started 3 years ago.

What I thought

So after I realized that there is nothing to worry about I just let all my worries go and put my thoughts into dance. It actually think it helps me. If some drama happened at school or if Im mad than I just let it go into my dancing and usually feel better afterwards.


 I am now dancing after school on weekdays. Even though im tired from volleyball pratcice after school I still go to dance and Im always happy that I went once I get home.  I plan to tryout to be a Dragonette at Round Rock High School once Im in highschool. But for now I am mostly into doing flexibliltiy and gymnastics tricks. The classes I take are jazz, and ballet. I mostly like doing comtemporary dances though. I cant wait for highschool. You dont know what you can do until you try.