#mindfulAISD (1/30)

Mindfulness in the Austin Independent School District

Week of January 30th, 2017

Welcome to the #mindfulAISD newsletter for the week of January 30th. This will serve as a way to highlight the awesome mindfulness work being done across the district as well as offer resources. Have suggestions for material you'd like to see on here? Please email the SEL Mindfulness Specialist: james.butler@austinisd.org


Want to Showcase Your Mindfulness Work?

Send James Butler an email with a brief story and/or photo (if you have photo releases for your students). Or if you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #mindfulAISD and I'll post a link to your tweet on the newsletter.


Mindfulness Studio at Rodriguez Elementary School

Sammie Mallard, Instruction Coach at Rodriguez, spearheaded an amazing project to create a Mindfulness Studio on campus and it's complete (see the video below)! The entire project was funded through monetary donations on GoFundMe, yoga mat donations from Wanderlust Yoga and pillows donated from Eastside Yoga. It's an inspiring space and I truly believe all schools could benefit from something similar to this or what Becker Elementary created (a smaller version).

The Mindfulness Studio will be used for small groups, calm down interventions, class visits with teacher-led mindfulness, parent/guardian classes, etc. Students will always be supervised by an adult and they're even getting a security camera for safety purposes. Dedicated spaces for mindfulness is a wonderful idea for a positive alternative to detention or suspension.

Please email james.butler@austinisd.org if you'd like more information/would like to connect with Rodriguez for assistance. They would love to help anyone who is interested.

Mindfulness Studio at Rodriguez Elementary

Mindful Coloring w/ No Place For Hate

Special thanks to Jillian Bontke, the Education Director for Anti-Defamation League, for providing No Place for Hate coloring books in Spanish and English (links below). She thought these could be used for Mindful Coloring.

What does Mindful Coloring look like? Set a timer and play some calming music if you'd like and allow your students to focus their attention on their coloring/drawing. I've heard many stories of teachers and staff throughout AISD (PreK-12) using Mindful Coloring with their students.

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Mindful Classrooms--Week 21

If you're using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend using Week 21 this week. It's a very loose recommendation though. Please do what's best for you and your students. If you'd like the free electronic copy of the book, please feel out the Google Form at the bottom of this page.

Photos/stories of Mindful Classrooms being used in class are always welcome and would be great for the newsletter! Email James Butler.


Sign Up for Mindfulness Support

If you haven't filled out the #mindfulAISD Google Form (below) and want to highlight your work and/or receive mindfulness support, please check it out. It only takes about 1 minute to complete. Know someone in AISD interested in mindfulness? Send them this newsletter for them to fill out the Google Form.


James Butler

SEL Mindfulness Specialist