Autism and Vaccines

By: Cleveland marta


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How to get autism

People are born autism because their brain is abnormal. People with ASD have difficulty with social and communication skills.

There is no cure, but you can treat it especially if it's caught early and kids have social skills and training.

Does getting Vaccines mean you'll be autistic?

Vaccines do not make children autistic because you're Just born with autism.But why do parents think that vaccines cause autism because some parents believe that vaccines caused their children autism.

Ways to diagnose autism;

There is no medical test to tell if a person has autism. Instead, doctors test on their behaviors. The name of the test is ADOS, which stands for Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. You have to be 18 months old to test on your behavior. The doctors are interviewing the parents of the kids who have autism and asking about their developmental history, which means that they want to know how the kid developed.


Autism and vaccines are not related to each other. And also, vaccines does not cause autism because you are just born with autism. Doctors look at the behaviors to test if is the child is autistic.