Jason and the Argonauts

By Sam Murray and Jack Schneider

Interview with Jason

: Hello, Jason! And welcome today to our interview! Okay, to get started....oh yes! Our first question, How does it feel to have almost your entire family murdered, when you were such a young boy?

Jason : Well, it isn’t a good feeling. I barely remember my parents. And Pelias took it away from me all because of greed. Now, Pelias and I are arch enemies. I always feel a great hurting inside when we talk about the subject. Pelias took something away from me I can never get back.

Interviewer : Yes, yes I see....Okay, next question, Did you ever, at any point feel fear or were you scared when you went on the journey for the Golden Fleece?

Jason : Honestly, no. When Pelias told me if I found the Golden Fleece, I felt excited. I knew I could accomplish this task, so I was overjoyed to hear this. I wanted dearly to get my revenge on Pelias.

Interviewer : Ah yes, Interesting. Well, continuing on, what was your reaction when the group you established, the argonauts was finished?

Jason : I was filled to the brim with excitement! Not only was my dream of revenge on Pelias coming true, but I was making friends! I felt great, and I felt like nobody in the world could stop us, not even Zeus.

Interviewer: Well that is great to hear. Moving on now, what did you think when you and the argonauts were attacked by Gegenes, the huge six armed giants, on Lemnos Island?

Jason : It completely caught all of us by surprise, and at the beginning I was in too much shock to fight. But then after the Gegenes started to do some real damage, I remembered how much I needed to stop them, because of Pelias. It was my driving force in defeating them.

Interviewer : Boy, that is interesting! Okay now lets move on. What can you tell us about your former guardian Chiron, the centaur.

Jason : I was extremely lucky to have found Chiron and not a different centaur. Centaurs are known to be very aggressive and mean. Chiron was neither of those things. He was the nicest person I have ever met. Without him, I would not have survived.

Interviewer: Hhhhmmmmm yes.... well you are very lucky. Now another question. What was your reaction the Golden Fleece was in your hands, at last.

Jason : A flood of relief flushed over my entire body. The journey had been harder than i thought it would be. I had at long last gotten my revenge on Pelias, and it felt so good. This nagging feeling had hung over my head my entire lifetime, and now it was gone.

Interviewer: Yes indeed that is interesting. Okay, what can you tell us and the viewers about the woman you fell in love with?

Jason : She is lovely. She is the nicest person I have ever met in my entire life. She treats me like a king-which I am, and I treat her like a queen-which she is. I love her with all my heart.

Interviewer: Okay, what was it like returning to your hometown after you collected the Golden Fleece?

Jason : It was wonderful! The entire city-state was super excited to be freed from Pelias, and they had so much hope that I would be a fair ruler. It was a magical day.

Interviewer: Well that is fantastic! Okay, Do you think your parents would be proud of you for accomplishing this task?

Jason : Yes I do. Nobody thought I could do it but I did. I think my parents would be proud of me taking my rightful place at the thrown. This is how they would have wanted it to be.

Interviewer: Yes I'm sure they would be very proud. Well it looks like....Yep! The director is saying we must rap it up! Alright last question for Jason, are you planning on going on any voyages soon.

Jason: Well I am the king now so really it is wherever the wind blows me. I can't really predict anytime that I am for sure going anywhere, you really never can tell when anything will happen when you are king. You must make sure the city-state is happy.

Interviewer: Jason thanks for your time here today!

Jason: No problem, thanks for having me.

Summary of Jason and the Argonauts

An amazing story

There was town in greece called Iolcus. In Iolcus, Cretheus was king. Crethues had two sons and when he passed away, Aeson, his son. But Crethues had another sonand he wanted to be king very badly. His name was Pelias, and to be king, he would do anything. So he killed all of his relitives. Wen he came to Jason, a young boy, and stranded him in the middle of the forrest. In the forrest a centaur named Chiron found Jason and raised him. One day, Jason realized, he must leave his home, so he did. He wanted to revenge on Pelias for killing his family. When he found Pelias a Goddess mmade Pelias give Jason a chance for the thrown. Pelias decided to send Jason on a trip to find the Golden Fleece. This task was impossible! No one hd ever survived the angry serpant guarding the Fleece. But Jason was nt your average Joe, he would do anything to find the Golden Fleece. Yet Jason had realized, he mustn't go alone. Jason had put together a group called the Argonauts. The Argonauts consited of, Heracles, Philoctetes, Peleus , Telamon, Orpheus, Castor and Pollex, Atalanta, and Euphemus. The crew worked hard to build a boat called the Argo. They set sail and their fist stop was at Lemnos Island. At night the Argonauts where attacked by Geneges, huge six armed animals, but Heracles and Jason defednded the Argo. After that the crew got on a new island where the peole-Cyzicus treated them with kindness and they got through very easily. They arrived at the Island of the Golden Fleece. As the team arrived they completely out numbered the serpant and together he was defeated. Jason grabbed the Golden Fleece and he was king of Iolcus.


Jason Family Tree

Aeson + (Mother Unknown Name)=Jason

Similarities and differences, Kim Jong Un and Jason


  • Rulers of their country
  • Both were rightful taker of the "Thrown" of their country after father's death
  • both had group to fight with (Kim Jong Un: Army; Jason: Argonauts)
  • Their people worshiped them
  • Both their Parents died
  • Both their countries fought in at least one war

  • Kim Jong Un rules unfairly; Jason rules fairly
  • Jason is dead; Kim Jong Un is alive
  • Jason fought in battles; Kim Jong Un had his army fight battles
  • Kim Jong Un poses threats to other countries; Jason helps other countries if he can
  • Jason went on a long journey; Kim Jong Un hasn't left country in many years
  • Jason is from Iolcus; Kim Jong Un is from North Korea