Hoofbeat News eLearning Edition

April 1, 2020

Principal's Message


We hope that the first round of eLearning has been successful. As always, thank you for your support through this process and please let us know if we can support you in any way! Stay safe!


Adam Fantone


School News

Below are the upcoming dates for round two.

  • April 1-3 will be days for students to catch up on any work from round one of eLearning. Extra activities can be found on the eLearning website. No new work will be assigned these days!
  • April 6-13 Spring Break
  • April 14-15 Teachers will be doing virtual planning to do lessons and activities. They will not be available during these dates.
  • April 16-Packet pickup curbside from 7-10 am. You will pull in the car rider line and they will be delivered.
  • April 17-Packet pickup curbside from 2-4 pm. You will pull in the car rider line and they will be delivered.
  • April 16-May 1 is round two of eLearning.

Round 1 Packets

Please hold onto your packets from round 1 until further notified. We will most likely collect them at the start of round 3 if a round 3 is needed.

The expected seat time per grade level per day is as follows:

Seat time:

· Kindergarten-90 minutes

· 1st grade-100 minutes

· 2nd-5th 120 minutes

U.S. Census

Remember to fill out your census form. Census data ensures our schools receive their fair share of resources. Ensuring every resident in South Carolina is counted during the 2020 census will help our schools for the next 10 years. Please go to www.my2020census.gov and complete your census today. Share this post and tag three friends challenging them to complete their census! #CountMeInSC #SCCounts2020

Teacher Parade

As I mentioned in the previous newsletters, SFES will not be participating in a teacher parade at this time. While we would love nothing more than to see our students, but we made this decision based on keeping our families safe and healthy. Other schools have decided to do them or not to do them based on their students and teachers. Our zone includes many town-homes and apartment complexes in which it would be almost impossible for families to view the parade without crowding together. We want to take seriously the Governor’s orders to have no groups more than three and encourage our families to stay safe with social distancing. We are going to err on the side of caution to do what is best for our school family. With over 1,000 cases in the state and almost 60 in York County (with many being in 29715), we feel this is the best decision. We promise to hold a parade when everything is safe and we will continue to send videos to show the kids how much we love them. I apologize for any disappointment and wanted to clarify our decision. Thank you for understanding and please let me know if you have questions.



Adam Fantone

Fun Things at SFES

  • Starting April 13th, SFES will have an at home Spirit Week. We would love to see participation and pictures. I will send a flyer through email over break with more information, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak.
  • Monday April 13-Dress to Un-impress Day

    Tuesday April 14-Crazy Colors Day

    Wednesday April 15-School Spirit

    Thursday April 16-Unknown Superhero Day

    Friday April 17- Beach Day

  • Go to our PTA Facebook page to see our Family Fun Challenges. http://coltspta.org/

Fun With Related Arts

Join us in these optional activities provided to you by the Related Arts Teachers.

Mrs. Kendall’s workout- https://drive.google.com/a/fmsdmail.org/file/d/1q2HxhEgHruxl40Vg2EV8sKn_zv0S4U6A/view?usp=drivesdk

Mrs. Ficklen's Read Alouds-






Mr. McCurley's Virtual Music Class- https://sites.google.com/fmsdmail.org/mr-mccurleys-elearning/

Mrs. Martin 5th Grade Art Contest- (5th Only) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vP9zpnOmjRxl70kB0ZoSQr-rqSf2a1Bb46Q8G9gwWzo/edit?usp=sharing

Mrs. Cageao- has a subscription to Shapegrams. The first 4 Shapegrams are free. There are many drawing and general tool bar skills to learn while having fun. She will be adding a Google Classroom to link the next shapegrams starting March 30th. The code to link to the Shapegram Classroom will be available next week.


I have created a Google Classroom for Shapegrams. The code for students to join is: 2wrlmte I encourage them to watch the video before starting the activity.

It is fun and the kids will learn many tips and tools for using Google G Suite not just Google Drawing. Please share with your students this information I would appreciate it. I will upload a new Shapegram every Monday and Wednesday.