My Digital Dossier

My digital presence

Early Years

When I went to elementary school, I made accounts for educational game websites, things we learn in computer class. I also liked to play something called Poptropica, a game where you have adventures on different islands. This website is still popular today.

Later Years

In the later years, such as Grade 4 or 5, I made a gmail. This was for watching YouTube videos and for messaging people.
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Little bit back.

A year back, I started middle school. In computer class, I needed to make many accounts for Web 2.0 tools. I also made my first and only social media account, Twitter.


Over the years, I have registered for many art/gaming websites, with a non personal email. I have made many accounts in my Internet career, but I always take caution when registering, as I never put real information.


Over the years, I have kept a good digital presence, and was careful when doing things.