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What Happened To George Washington & Alexander Hamilton

George Washington & Alexander Hamilton

The new federal government was established in 1789 when Mr. George Washington was elected as president of the United States and in 1789 Alexander Hamilton was the secretary of treasures, called for an Economic policy that would Strengthen the national government .

George Washington & Alexander Hamilton

The two political parties that developed that as a result of disagreement over Hamilton's proposals were the federalist, led by Washington and Hamilton who favored the policy of Hamilton , and the democratic Republicans , who were led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and the opposed Alexander Hamilton's proposal

The Low & High Country

The Low Country

The Low Country Elite Tended to support the federalists while those from the Back country supported the democratic republicans . And most south carolinians supported the assumption of state debts because most of the war was fought in the state of South Carolina

Party In The USA!!!

By: Jarron Taylor