roles of the president

the 7 main roles

Chief executive

The president is in charge of 15 cabinet department and the app. 3 million civilians who work for the federal government. With the senates approval, the president appoints the heads of the cabinet departments and of other large governments.

Example :

Holding a Cabinet meeting to discuss government business

Chief Diplomat

The president directs the foreign policy, or strategy of the United States making ket decision about how the united states acts toward other countries in the world.

Example : Writing a message or a letter to the leaders of the Soviet Union

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Commander in chief

Gives the president the ability to back up their foreign policy decisions with force, if necessary. The president is in charge of the army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard. The president shares with congress the power to make war.

Examples: Calling out troops to stop a riot

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Legislative leader

Every president has a legislative program and these are new laws that the president wants congress to pass.The president makes speeches to build support to this program and meets with key senators and representatives to try to persuade to support the proposed laws.
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Head of state

The president aids diplomacy by greeting visiting kings and queens, prime ministers, and other foreign leaders. Also, but doing things such as lighting the christmas tree, and giving medals to the countys heroes.
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Economic Leader

The president meets with budget officials to decide what programs to support and what programs to cut back.

Party leader

The president gives speeches to help fellow party member who are running for office as member of congress, governors, and mayors.
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