Wood vs Electric Fireplace


Dura flame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove

Dura Flame electric stove is very charming as it is very good looking and thanks to its shining black design. But it also capable to warm your house suitable and cozy for winter.

The window of this stove is designed with detailing arched frame. Realistic fires also mean it will give heat wave with fake fire view in a realistic way. Whoever, the overheat protection ensures that you do not have to worry about short circuits anymore. The fireplace will turn itself off if it finds things are getting a bit too hot.

Additionally, since the fireplace remains cool at all times, you wouldn’t have to worry about your child or your pet coming too close to it.

Salient Features of Dura flame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove with Heater

• With the BTU rating of 4600, this electric stove can cover a 400 sq.ft area without any trouble.

• This stove is very safe. Even if your family is consisted of several kids and pets, you don’t need to be worry about their safety.

• Hidden operable door.

• Realistic background with glowing wood logs burning constantly while running.

• Mechanical controls.

• Overheat protection.

• 1500-wats l4600btu’s per hour


• Its unique design – a traditional one from the 1900’s – makes your room more decor beautiful and adorable.

• Zone heating means that all areas are heated evenly.

• Easy to install and surprisingly portable.

• Just like the others above, is environment-friendly and runs on electricity.

• 100 percent safe for kids and pets.

• The overprotection ensures that the heater shuts off automatically before overheating.

• Mechanical controls and hidden operable door ensure you can access it anytime.


• Some users reported it to be not as durable as they would like it to be.

• May not go with home decor if you have a modern look to your rooms.


With a body that stays cool at all times and a unique traditional design, it’s something that you would love – especially if your home decor boasts of the 1900’s feel. It fits in easily with your home too, making it a great buy for many.

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US Stove Multi Fuel Stove Review

The US Stove Multi Fuel Stove was first invented in 2011. It has advanced into one of the most stylish heating stove in the market. Even better, it can burn cherry pits, biomass fuel, wood pellets, and soybeans. It is quick and easy to install. This pellet stove is manufactured in the USA and is approved to be used in homes.

Top Key Features

1. It is thermal efficiency and made to heat up to 2,000 square feet of a living room.

2. The US Stove 6041HF features an automatic igniter and a hopper capacity of 60 lbs for the improved and constant heat of about thirty hours in between fuel loads.

3. It can burn olive pits, wood pellets, soybeans, biomass, and cherry pits with only a few quick adjustments. Learn More detail here about pellet stove.


• Cost friendly

• It does not attract pests

• Very efficient

• It is easily installed

• This stove is eco-friendly


• It comes with plastic bags that are not decomposable

• It is complex, as it requires constant maintenance

• It is very noisy

The US Stove 6041HF is the best multi fuel stove in the market. Do not hesitate to purchase it and warm your chilly house this winter season.

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